A lawn mower is certainly an important tool to look after your lawn, but there is one more tool you’ll need to ensure your lawn’s edges are perfectly aligned. We liked that the Worx maintained its quiet operation through the start-up and into regular use. The motor just whirls along, sounding like a high-pitched hair dryer. We’re not going to say it’s a pleasant sound, and we always wore ear protection. But the other models were all really loud, and their motors had an almost grindy quality to them. If you do go the attachment route and want to be able to jump quickly from task to task, you may consider purchasing a second battery for about $140.

  • Even, you don’t have to use any tools to convert it into an edger.
  • It is crucial to know which motor you have, as two-stroke engines need gas to oil mixture to run, whereas four strokes only need gas.
  • Many folks may not be all that familiar with the Coocheer brand.
  • The shaft adjusts in length so you can have the best reach and a comfortable grip.
  • due to its curved shape, you have the option to view the cutting area and trimming line directly.
  • Line that’s too thin can compromise cutting power, while line that’s too thick can bog down a trimmer’s engine or motor.
  • Well, I’m going to change the way you think about trimming weeds as of today.
  • The one downside I would have to say is the poor quality of the trimmer head.

We think the vast majority of people will be able to get by with a cordless string trimmer. But in some extreme cases, the nonstop power of a gas model is a better fit . It’s normally priced comparably to the Ego ST1521S, so it’s on the low side for a high-quality gas trimmer. In our own tests, the Echo handled waist-high weeds and 3-foot-tall grass with no problem, and it has a tremendous amount of positive feedback on Home Depot’s website. The curved shafts can feel better-balanced and easier to use but may have less torque, while the straight ones will have a longer reach and can more easily do double duty as edgers.

Gas Vs Electric Weed Wacker: Top Picks

For string trimmers, these additional features can include ergonomic handles, edging tools, and trimmer head attachments. At full capacity, the Coocheer 42.7cc can hold nearly 3 times as much as some other gas weed eaters in its class. That’s a truly impressive amount that will allow you to complete a full day’s worth of weed whacking on a single tank. That full day of work won’t leave you too fatigued, either, given that this model comes standard with an adjustable handle and shoulder strap. On the other hand, trimmers with straight shafts are considered a better option for taller users.

gas weed wacker

string trimmer safety and use earplugs, but less noise means you won’t bother your neighbors as much. Maintaining the lawn with your electric grass trimmer will also be easier on the people in your house. You have to mix the gas just to run the machine and since it is a gas-powered machine, you also have storage limitations. That means you are going to have to give the machine a yearly tune-up before you can start using it in spring.

Best Commercial Weed Whacker

This model, the latest in a long line of successful Ego trimmers, distinguishes itself with an easily adjustable telescoping shaft and a quick adjustment for the secondary handle. This allows it to work for a wide variety of heights and body types. Also, I have emphasized some of the vital factors that you need to consider when buying gas grass trimmers. In short, the power of an engine determines the performance of the equipment.

The battery and charger on this model are compatible with other tools in the Ryobi One+ line. At Home Depot, this trimmer boasts an average 4.2-star rating over close to 700 reviews. The trimmer also includes a lock to keep the cord in place as you move around the lawn. It’s a popular pick with Amazon shoppers, earning a 4.4-star rating over close to 2,000 reviews. But string trimmer is the most common name for this tool — that’s how you’ll find it marketed at retailers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Crank Engine

An electric weed wacker can make trimming your yard much easier. When you get one from the WORX Power Share line, you also have a tool that can share batteries with a wide range of other tools. This electric string trimmer is powered by a 2.0 Ah 20V lithium battery for a long runtime and with its telescoping shaft and 5.5 lbs weight, it is very easy to handle. When you go with a cordless grass trimmer, you have the freedom to work without a cord, but you are limited by the charge in the battery. That said, the rechargeable batteries have gotten much better over the years.

It is equipped with features such as Easy Start technology for simpler pull starts and an Easy winding bump head so you can get to trimming quicker. The Easy Winding bump head feeds 0.095-in line with just a bump of the trimmer head. Users can achieve optimal comfort with the multi-position adjustable handle and the balanced curved shaft provides a clear view of the area being trimmed.

Gary McCoy, a Lowe’s store manager in Charlotte, North Carolina, recommended EGO’s line of electric string trimmers. These trimmers “impress with a single battery platform capable of matching or exceeding the performance of conventional gas models, all without the noise or fumes,” he said. This model boasts a 4.8-star rating over more than 200 reviews on Amazon. The trimmer features a 15-inch cutting swath and a motor that’s designed for low vibrations. The battery is compatible with other EGO POWER+ tools and includes LED charging indicators.

If the carburetor is turned upside down or too far sideways, it won’t get the gas it needs to keep the motor running. You can convert it to an edger easily as other best combo trimmers do. This weedeater of Black and Decker is a part of the COMMAND power family.

Gas Vs Battery Vs. Electric Weed Wacker

What are the other maintenance practices that you find important? What factors do you consider when purchasing a gas string trimmer? The cutting width can be compared to the working space operated by the device’s blades when cutting grass.

Now that you are thinking of your individual grounds and requirements for a trimmer, take a look at the details of a gas vs. battery. But, which is better for your needs, a gas model or an electric one? For professional use, Bateman’s pick is this trimmer from STIHL, which is well-known for its chainsaws and other outdoor equipment. It features a rubberized loop handle to grip at the center of the shaft and baffles, which are tools that help reduce the noise coming from the trimmer. Bateman also said this trimmer could work well for those with larger properties. “This gas-powered trimmer is exceptionally easy to start, has a ton of power for cutting through tall weeds and has reduced vibration which is great for longer use,” Bateman explained.

Remove and clean air and fuel filters as well as the spark plug. Size, weight, and maneuverability of your weed trimmer should accommodate the type of work you need to get done. If your yard has a lot of trees or lawn furniture and you need to get in nooks and crannies, stay away from heavy-duty weed eaters with wide shields.

To help make this task easier, consider products that have a detachable head so you don’t have to deal with the entire trimmer while changing the line. Gas-powered models are powerful and, of course, do not need to be plugged in. That gives users of a gas-powered string trimmer the ability to move freely when using the tool. Gas-powered trimmers typically handle long weeds and heavy brush better than their electric-powered counterparts. String trimmers are noisy tools in general, but gas models are the loudest of the group.

We don’t recommend using the Worx in this way for an entire lawn. But if you have an area that is difficult for a mower to get to , these added wheels might help you make a consistent cut . At 11½ pounds, it’s about a pound and a half more than our pick, a weight that takes its toll after a while. On the Ego ST1511T, the motor is located down at the cutting head, in effect counterbalancing the weight of the battery.

gas weed wacker

If this starts to happen, hold the trimmer level until the carburetor has recovered. Making our backyard looks smart and pro is something we all want. A weed eater is as good as you want to help you in your cutting job. But, as we are in different shapes and heights, we need to operate different level tools. Thus, we will be able to get the optimum output from those power equipment. To figure out which weed eater is the best for a woman, you need to focus on some key features.

Ego Power+ 15

We tried to make this a little more objective by providing a material that we could cut, measuring the amount of time it took to cut. Husqvarna Head – Service PointDo the trimmers include the ability to service the unit? As the trimmers are used every day, the heads eventually need to be greased, along with the shaft. The two-piece shaft allows for additional accessories to run on the same powerhead.

Only one tool here was not tested, but it’s very similar to the gas-engine machine that preceded it, so we included it here in an effort to be complete. Powerful grass trimmer with 4-stroke engine, flex drive straight shaft, bevel gear and loop handle. The HHT35SLTAT Honda string trimmer is ideal for the homeowner whose requirements include heavy-duty trimming and brush removal. This model comes standard with a loop handle, semi-matic line feed for ease of use and single harness for superior balance and support. Get your lawn and landscaping in pristine condition with some new trimmers and edgers from Farm & Home Supply. Our collection of hedge trimmers and edgers includes a wide variety of different tools for many jobs of different sizes.

String trimmers are powered by gasoline, electricity, or a rechargeable battery; the right type for you depends on the size of your yard and the extent of your maintenance needs. Though Amazon customer’s suggest this trimmer’s battery life is better than most other battery-operated products, it is still best suited for small jobs. Since there is only one included battery, it is important to be able to finish the job on one charge. As a plus, features such as the automatic feed spool system and low noise design make your small jobs even more manageable. With that much power in the engine alone, you might be worried that this model is excessively bulky. But in practice, the Coocheer 42.7cc manages to maintain a modest weight by utilizing an aluminum alloy shaft.

MANSCAPED Introduces the Weed Whacker, a Revolutionary Electric Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer – PRNewswire

MANSCAPED Introduces the Weed Whacker, a Revolutionary Electric Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer.

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Whether it’s powered by a gas engine or a battery and brushless motor, every machine in this report gave a good account of itself. You should find something here to satisfy your trimming needs. If you’re using cordless weed trimmer, then ensure the battery is fitted correctly and fully charged. On the gas weed wacker other hand, gas-powered trimmers provide the highest amount of torque to the motor of any trimmer model. They produce a lot of smoke, noise, and pollution, but they sure do get the job done easily. Ideally, you want a straight shafted gas-powered weed whacker, and is able to handle .095 sized string.

It’s best not to leave gasoline in a tank longer than thirty days, or you risk oxidation, which can corrode and clog your engine. The gas can also thicken, which will cause poor fuel economy . If you’re noticing black smoke coming from your weed eater, the first thing to consider is your choke. The smoke could be a sign that you forgot to turn the choke entirely off after starting your engine. We’re going to look at the different smoke emissions, what they mean, and how to fix it. By the time we’re done, you should easily self-diagnose and repair your smoking weed wacker.

gas weed wacker

First, we love that this weed eater has a very practical design. It has a straight shaft which provides great reach for underneath shrubs and bushes, and to cut in hard-to-reach places. Craftsman V20 is an electric weed eater that runs on a 20-volt battery. There are multiple benefits of this trimmer, including two-speed settings so you can have longer runtime or more power. With the wide variety of weed eaters available, it can be challenging to decide what type to choose.

These features together make a string trimmer stands out among dozens. The product weighs around 20 lbs which is somewhat difficult for a woman or short person. A similar electric/battery-operated weed whacker weighs roughly 6 lbs. But, we have taken this trimmer since some of our visitors love to use stronger & heavy-performing gas trimmer. This combo of string trimmer and power edger is the ideal one that doesn’t take time to convert. You can easily convert it without applying much effort from your side.


You’ll be able to keep a close eye on those fuel levels, too, given that this model’s fuel tank is made from a durable, semi-transparent plastic. You can also efficiently purge air from this same fuel tank without much extra effort, making even easier to start this unit without trouble. In fact, there are so many that many popular brands have begun to lower their prices in order to remain competitive. A buyer like you could really benefit from those lower prices, especially if you are shopping on a budget.

This WS205 model features a straight shaft with a well-designed curve. Thus, when holding it, you won’t struggle with inaccurate cuts and missed corners. This Hitachi CG23ECPSL trimmer has a potent 22.5cc engine that allows the gadget to do its job well. The model weighs 10.3 pounds only, making it the lightest device on this list. Therefore, handling this equipment is extremely easy because you can lift it without much effort. It is the best trimmer for anyone in search of a lightweight tool that meets acceptable emissions levels.

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