I couldn’t help but notice that her face was very flushed and her nipples were erect. She had experimented with lesbian relationships before she got married, but I hadn’t suspected until now that she was attracted to me. After she left, I was so turned on by the thought of being locked in a belt that I couldn’t pull my little rocket pocket and use it. I told her that her suggestion was very interesting and that I would research it. I got off the phone and finished the handjob that I had started.

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  • As before, this will have a more significant effect on him, making him believe it’s his choice, therefore, he is more likely to enjoy it.
  • The processed leather lies pleasantly on the skin, size and fit can be adjusted conditionally and the exciting look represents an additional plus.
  • When deciding to buy a chastity device, there are a couple of things to take into consideration.
  • Buying me stuff, cooking, running errands, you name it.
  • I’ve bought lots of male chastity devices in the past years.

Most cages are designed to prevent erections altogether while other cages have special urethral plugs for that added sensation. Some of the most daring cages even come wired up so that your partner can deliver an electric shock whenever they need to remind your cock who it belongs to. Speak to your partner and see what excites you both so that you can choose the perfect cage. The ideal extended wear chastity device is one that’s not only inescapable but also comfortable.

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Male Chastity Lifestyle is an incredible site and resource base dedicated to sissy chastity and the benefits of male chastity. It’s also home to a male chastity forum ddlg dating that is full of people sharing their journeys into sissy chastity. Frequent tease and denial sessions can also be incorporated to keep his level of frustration and interest at a high level during the indoctrination period. It is vitally important to get him back into his chastity device immediately at the end of the tease&denial session. Soon after being introduced to the concept of male chastity, the smart woman is able to see the life changing potential for both him and Her. But by this time, she has grown quite tired of his moodiness and fragile feelings to take it seriously anymore.


Irrespective of your most preferred option, you will find captions highly helpful in bringing your partner to terms with your expectations and desires of male chastity. Ruffled Sheets blogs at ruffledsheets.com, where he reviews male chastity devices and other sex toys. I just wanted to make sure he understood that chastity is a long-term game.

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This is the number one reason why it is a great place for you to start if you want to try this. The design is also focused on smoothness, so it will not chafe or pinch the sensitive skin of yours or your partner’s locked-up penis. Based in Los Angeles, MJ is a journalist and blogger who covers the LGBTQ community. Identifying as gender-queer, MJ focuses on topics that touch on a variety of life issues impacting men, women and non-binary individuals. Look for posts on science, dating, relationships, and culture.

Already defeated, I swallowed hard and did as I was told. I licked all the juices off her thighs, and then off her ass; taking care not to lick her anus. “You missed a spot” she purred, as she pushed my head down to her asshole. “Very good, my slave”, now swallow” she ordered as she lifted my head from between her thighs.

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Believe it or not, it didn’t occur to me that fucking was related to orgasms. I hadn’t seen a naked girl and, in my house, there was no porn. You should also encourage her to think about getting her own place. Not because you want to stop seeing her—you’re loving it and loving her—but because a premature commitment can sabotage a relationship.